Doorpass for Startups

Stop using complex and disjointed admin panels so you can focus on growth

Scale your team at the speed of a mouse click
In a rapidly growing startup new hires and team changes are constant but managing which members of your team have access to the services they need is often forgotten. Doorpass allows even the least technical member of your team to quickly onboard new hires to the full set of services they need from their first minute at the company. And when it's time for a team member to move on you can securely close out their access.
Protect yourself from nasty suprises
Security best pratices say that you should implement the least authority necessary for each user to do their job but in the cloud understanding each service and its intricacies takes up valuable time. This complexity means alot of startups will simply grant full access to their entire team but with Doorpass' visual permission builder you can quickly and easily understand the permissions that each service offers in plain english and set your team up for success.
Save money by ensuring you are only paying for active users
Many cloud services today bill per user which means the cost of forgetting to remove team members can quickly add up. Using Doorpass you can ensure that you are only paying for your active team members and not a horde of previous team members.
We support all of your favourite services - and that weird old one
Your team uses a lot of services - some are popular brands and others are more niche. Doorpass is here to help by supporting every service we come into contact with and if you need a service which we don't support we will add it just for you.

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